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Welcome to the website of VanDor Chemicals B.V.

VanDor Chemicals B.V. is a flexible, enthusiastic, customer-oriented company specialized in the chemical-trade.
We have at our disposal the experience to supply you with the products you need.

China is our most important partner with respect to the import of chemicals, raw materials, food and feed products.
Of course, we also supply products from Europe or other countries in the world.

From our office in Huizen we are searching world-wide for products of high consistent quality which will satisfy your specifications and demands at the most favourable prices.
The entire logistics operation is taken care of by us.

Quality, Optimal Service and Operational Swiftness are words which serve as guiding principle at VanDor Chemicals B.V.

You cannot find a product? Ask us, send us an e-mail, fax or call us!
We will get busy for you and gladly see you as our future customer.
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